Online Jewelry Stores – Are They Safe?

Whether you are buying an engagement ring, a wedding ring, diamond studs or a pendant, each piece of jewelry tells its own story. As more and more retailers take their jewels off the street and put them online it is becoming increasingly popular to buy your jewels from these online jewelry stores.

Now this might be OK for music, clothing, watches and other everyday items, but jewelry is a deeply personal thing. Often there is a lot of emotional and financial input required, so it makes absolute sense that there are two questions that immediately spring to mind when we talk about online jewelry stores.

Can we trust them and what would happen if things were to go wrong?

Which leads to the third question; How can we protect ourselves when we buy our jewelry online?

To answer the first question. Most online retailers are actually as trustworthy as your brick and mortar jewelers. They are running a business and will often bend over backwards to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

To help protect yourself, the best thing to do is thoroughly read the sites policies and guarantees. These are binding and most are far more lenient than you would get at a regular store.

Check Out the Guarantees

It is now often far safer to buy your jewelry from online jewelry stores, and a large reason behind this is the guarantees that they give. Most will have some sort of very lenient 30 day money back guarantee; try finding an offline jeweler to give you the same deal.

When looking at the guarantee though, make sure that it is a 100% money back one. There are a few out there who will give you a credit towards another piece of jewelry.

Check Out the Warrantees

Every store, whether online or off should have some sort of warranty system in place to guard against flawed goods. Some go the extra mile and offer free prong tightening, cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating.

Check Out the Other Policies

Online stores have some great policies that many regular jewelry stores don’t have. Some common ones are;

  • Resizing – Many online jewelry stores have free resizing policies, some of which are very generous, giving you up to 60 days to return the ring for resizing if required.
  • Upgrades – If at some stage you want to upgrade you diamond – say for a 10 year anniversary, birth of a child or just because you can, many online stores will give you a great deal on your upgrade.
  • Buy Back – In this economic climate it can be hard to tell what will happen from one month to the next, so a buy back policy is becoming increasingly popular. This basically means that should you find that you need to sell your diamond the store will buy it back. Make sure that you know what rate you will be getting for it though as some will have a set value and some will have a market value. If you do need to sell your diamond make sure that you seek out the best offer for it.
  • Returns – Each store will have its own policy on returns, so make sure that you read them thoroughly before buying.

Check Out the Shipping Policy

Many online jewelry stores now offer free shipping within certain areas and full insurance cover. Most also use top quality shipping providers.

Check Out the Certificates

When buying diamond jewelry always get a grading certificate from a recommended laboratory like GIA, AGS, EGL or IGI. This is the only way to know that the diamond that you have bought is really the one that you have received.

How To Get Unlimited Music MP3 Downloads Instantly

Ever wondered how to get unlimited music MP3 downloads? Music lovers probably have asked the same question many times. There are of course dozens of websites that talk about them but not everyone has the luxury to find out and look through the tons of information. The aim of this article is to show you how to find unlimited MP3 downloads and yet do so affordably in the simplest way possible. You will also discover more hot tips about MP3 music downloads.

Unlimited music MP3 downloads can be found at online music stores like iTunes for iPod, and other stores like HMV, Walmart and more. These are music giants and have some of the largest offerings in the world. Though they do not exactly have unlimited music MP3s, their collection often go in the range of millions of songs, music videos, sound tracks, music etc. Normally, it would cost you about 99 cents or below to download per music or song.

Nowadays, some music stores have taken the level of competition a bit further by offering monthly or even yearly memberships. Several offer a limited number of music MP3 downloads while others let you download unlimited number of music MP3 files. This move has totally revolutionized the way music downloads are previously handled. Needless to say, when you can access millions of music MP3 downloads for a small one-time fee, you would be downloading music online whenever you are free. You also need not think twice whether you should download this song or that since you can download both and all.

Everyday, it is estimated that tens of millions of music MP3 downloads take place around the world from these music download sites. Now that we know that there are places to download music MP3s for a lifetime fee, it is best that we also learn how to find a great site to download. There are a few important questions you need to ask before you decide.

1. How many different music genres does the music MP3 download site have?

If I were you, I would subscribe for a music MP3 download site with as many music genres as possible. Your taste for music may change with time. Today, you might like J-pop, tomorrow, it could be hip hop or even classical instrument pieces.

2. How much does it cost to get unlimited music MP3 downloads?

There are music sites that offer lifetime memberships for a one-time price. With this choice, there is no need to go with monthly plans. But even for one-time fee, never go for anything above $50. In fact, the rates nowadays are so reasonable that you can easily grab one that costs you below $40.

3. What are the usage rights for the songs you download?

Not all sites are the same for unlimited music MP3 downloads. Several membership sites allow you to download and burn the music onto CD to be played on other devices while there are others which restrict you to downloading onto your digital player only. Save the trouble by joining sites that give you no-restriction rights.

Once these three questions are properly answered, you would have found the ideal site for unlimited music MP3 downloads. To quicken the whole process, visit my music blog and see for yourself which are the best places for unlimited music MP3 downloads.

The Future of Online Music

To get an idea of where online music is headed it is important to understand the history. Let’s think back to the time when music downloads first became popular. For me it was spurred in the early Napster days. Everyone was out there going crazy grabbing any and all music they could find without consequence. Then the RIAA came along and said “wait guys that’s our copyrighted content you’re downloading.” Since that time the RIAA has been fighting an uphill battle to end copyright infringement.

After the early days of Napster and peer to peer file sharing a new crop of sites popped up offering legal music downloads. Even Napster went legit signing deals with major labels to offer unlimited access to their offerings. In order to make this a reality the record industry had to come up with a way to protect their investment.

Along came digital rights management (DRM). New DRM technologies have been used to limit access to media. In essence as long as you are subscribed to Rhapsody for example you can download and listen to as many songs as you like. You can even play them on your mp3 player (excluding iPod and Zune). The DRM kicks in by restricting the number of devices you have access from and cutting access completely when you end the subscription.

In addition, companies chose to run their own brand of DRM. This means that if you own an iPod or Zune player your options are very restricted. Apple and Microsoft do their best to force you into using iTunes and Zune Marketplace.

Over the last couple years things have changed quite a bit. Online retailers including Amazon and Wal-Mart signed deals with the major labels to sell DRM free song downloads. They key here is that you are paying a fee for each MP3 song you download but get the music without DRM restrictions. Even iTunes has started offering DRM free downloads.

Another challenge that faces online media companies is the ISP’s battle to reduce network traffic and thus reduce congestion during peak times. The lack of network infrastructure, particularly in the US, is a big concern. Throttling traffic or charging customers for metered access as Comcast and Time Warner are currently testing could drive away customers. We no longer live in a world of text email and static web pages. Sites now offer rich content including streaming audio and video, social integration and an interactive setting for people to gather just as you would at your local watering hole. Hopefully customers will voice their concerns and ISP’s will in turn expand their network infrastructures to allow for our ever growing bandwidth needs.

So where does this leave us? I recall mentioning excitement about the future of online downloads prior to my rants. Online music sites are looking ahead to the future. With the ability to download songs to PC, mobile phone or other web-enabled devices you will have access to the latest songs from anywhere at anytime. Sites like eMusic, Amazon MP3 and Wal-Mart Music have shown that the DRM free music is the way of the future. The next step will be to figure a way for sites like Rhapsody and Napster to offer unlimited access to DRM free music for a monthly subscription fee. I’ll be the first to admit that this is no easy task but one that could prove very profitable to the music industry in this ever growing digital age.

The excitement extends beyond music as companies like Netflix offer a large selection of movie downloads free to subscribers. We’re not talking about just watching on your PC either. With a set top box you can download films to watch directly on your TV. Industry experts predict that within a few years you won’t run to your local video store to rent the latest DVD movies. Instead you’ll simply watch them anytime on demand via download. Alright so I can hear some of you saying yeah but how long do the movies take to download? I can tell you that with Netflix I can start watching about 30 seconds after the download begins. The rest of the movie downloads while I’m enjoying the film.

In conclusion the future of online media is shining bright. Customer’s spending habits can help record labels and ISP’s accept that the future of music and movies is online rather than in record and video stores. The instant gratification of having access to millions of songs or thinking of a movie and watching it a minute later is enough to make me want to quit typing. So sit back, relax and enjoy what the future has in store.

Online Music

Music is the essence of the day to day life of any person. It is immaterial that you are young or aged, the love for music among people never dies. Being a music lover, I know that the thirst for good music never ends and how is it possible when it is such a sweet and soft gift for us.

In the early days, people had to buy music cassettes or records as soon as they were launched in the market. Sometimes, it also happened that any specific music was not available due to finished stock or other factors. But today, with the help of new technology such as Mp3, the distribution of music has become even faster and much wider. Now you have the options for music cassettes, compact disc (CD), digital versatile disc (DVD), mp3’s and also online websites that let you hear the music of your choice.

If you wish to purchase a music CD you have to visit the store that requires your time and if the album is in huge demand then it might happen that you have to wait until the next day. Online music makes it very easier whereby you can easily find the song tracks you wish to hear. There are many online music websites whereby you can enter the name of the song or the artist you wish to listen and the track shall be played online.

To get access to online music, you need to have a computer with the compatible software such as media player, an internet connection and attached sound system. Most of the websites offer free music service whereby there are no charges involved except the download charges that you need to pay with your internet bill.

You can also make a collection of your favorite music tracks just by downloading from the website into the hard disk drive of your computer which you can later burn in a compact disc. This saves your money from purchasing different music albums if you love songs of various artists and movies that are not available in a single album.

To know more, log on to website

Online Rental movie: The Trend of Times

The concept of online rental movies is gaining a lot of attention and popularity amongst movie buffs all around the UK. Internet has opened new avenues for movie rental industry that is no longer confined to the jurisdiction of your local movie rental store. Such a change is giving creeps to the high street movie rental stores as the benefits of online CD and DVD stores over any other medium like a brick and mortar shop are quite obvious, you get the movie cheaper online.
There are several online movie stores that you can easily find on the web. All you have to do is to sign in there as a member and then you can choose the movies of your choice from a wide variety of movies available there. These will be delivered to you in few hours and you can enjoy the movies of your choice at will! The main advantage of these online movie stores are that you can see your favourite movies as many times as you want and return it without a late fee fine and get another movie in lieu of the previous one, at least most of these online movie rental shops will pamper you like this. You can keep 2-3 CD’s at any given point of time and enjoy them the way you want to.

After signing in as in a member in an online music store, you can create a list of movies of your choice. It helps the service providers to have an idea of the movies that you wish to see. Such movie listing will not let you miss your movie due to unavailability as the most of the retailers have more than one copies of a particular movie, so movie CDs being out of stock is a rarity.

You can watch your favourite movies by ordering it online on a cheap movie rental. If you don’t think that isn’t cheap then it is surely better than shelling a good amount of money from your pocket to watch every movie in a theatre.

With this reliable medium called Internet, enjoying your favourite movies had never been so easy and simpler. If you are a movie buff, go on and place your order today!